The Power of Pre-Booking

Would you like to increase your income for 2020? Pre-booking is the answer! Back in the day we relied on doing 12-18 clients a day just to get the bills paid. Thank goodness we have gotten smarter!

Pre-booking is the way to financial success in our industry. Take the time to talk to your client about their future appointments. Pre-booking should never feel awkward. If we teach our clients how to maintain the looks they love, then pre-booking is a no brainer. Our male clients don;t want to have to think about setting up an appointment.

Just book them every 2-3 weeks before they leave the salon. Trust me; clients will make their appointments work with their upcoming schedules.

Don’t let color or facial clients leave without educating them on how at home maintenance is critical to overall longevity to their service 1 facial every 6 months will not move the needle in the skin care challenges. Pre-book your client so they understand success with their services is all about timing.

Most of us at one time or another has said “I need a haircut, NOW!” This means at least another 1-3 weeks before we can get in to see our favorite service provider. Don’t do your client a disservice, start taking control of your books and your income in 2020.

You will be surprised how easy it is!