Tips For Taking Online Beauty School Classes

Wish we could be on campus with our ARTIST’s but instead, we’re bringing campus to you! ūüŹę‚ě°ÔłŹūüíĽ.

The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) just launched temporary distance-learning or temporary online learning for our cosmetology and esthetics programs. Just like it is for you, it is new to us as well. We are all a little stressed and adapting to our new world as quickly as possible. To make your transition into the beauty world smooth, here are our top 3 tips to help you launch your online classes –

Tips For Online Learning:

  1.  Manage your time. Set up a view of your daily & weekly schedule by first mapping out a calendar of all of the assignment and activity due dates along with work and family commitments. It’s okay to be selfish, block off time each week to get classwork done. Online classes tend to have a weekly flow and include discussion boards that require student participation. Plan to be a part of the conversation.
  2. Be a good participant. Good discussions are thoughtful, your best resources to help you bring good discussion starters can be from peer conversations, headlines, lecture and course materials. Great responses go beyond agreeing with your peers. Build on the discussion with your own ideas and experiences. 
  3. Build your social community. Share contact information with your peers to connect on homework assignments and for social support. Be a part of¬† TSPA’s Facebook pages for enrolled students to get the best information fast and easy access to peer conversations on campus and homework topics. Your campus is here to support you every step of the way. Online students benefit from the same support as on-campus students, including help with financial aid to questions about technique.

Be kind to yourself. We are all in uncharted territory right now but we all have each other’s support even if it‚Äôs temporarily from a distance right now.¬†

Whether you’re interested in attending TSPA or just missing home, take a virtual tour with us! ūüé•. Tessa in admissions is just a call (719) 301-1113) or email¬†away from your future.


Trade School Grads In Hot Demand: Is a Career In Cosmetology A Good Choice?

A Cosmetology Degree is Your Path to a Better Future!

According to Forbes, America needs trade school graduates now. A career in the beauty industry could be your ticket to financial security!


Annual beauty industry spending in the US is $523 billion. The average American woman spends nearly a quarter of a million dollars on hair and make-up in her lifetime!

That spending, which is recession resistant, is why the job outlook for cosmetologists, barbers, hairstylists, and estheticians is as strong as any other trade school field right now. The demand for graduates is so great that you can start working and earning income as soon as you complete a short trade school program in cosmetology!

How can you secure your financial future based on this trend?

  1. Investigate the different cosmetology and esthetics-related skills you can develop. You can become a hairstylist, make-up artist, skincare specialist, and more.
  2. Search for trade schools in your area or online to see what’s available.
  3. Talk to admissions representatives to figure out what program is right for you.
  4. Enroll in a program at a trade or cosmetology school Рthey are short and affordable! 

The right trade school license can put you on the road to a great career in no time. If you want a profession with an attractive financial future, consider enrolling in a cosmetology, esthetics, nails or barbering program today!

Did you know that you can start school from your home???  Online learning has begun!!!

Book your virtual tour with Tessa (719)258-7353

Trade School Grads Are On Demand for Cosmetologists

TSPA’s 2018 Trim Hunger’s Annual Cut-a-thon

HUNGER IS SHEAR MADNESS. Live Local. Give Local. Nov 14th

Join us Nov 14th between 9 to 8pm for our annual food drive and cut-a-thon to stave off hungry tummies this winter.

You wont want to miss out on our silent auction items either! They range from day spa pamperings, restaurants, jewelry, and more.

Cut-A-Thon Services Avail:

Book your day of pampering: style. wax, mani & mini facial during our cut-a-thon early. Call 719-266-9400 to pre-book and get in when you want to!

  • $10 Cuts & Style¬†
  • $10 Brow Waxing
  • $10 Mani’s
  • Chemical services are regular price¬†and ALL the proceeds will still go to our local charity recipient,¬†Springs Rescue Mission
  • $20 Mini Facial
  • Persons who purchase up to $150 in TSPA holiday gift cards can receive 20% off product gift sets during the time of the gift card purchases!

If You bring in 3 cans of food and get $3 off¬† your next visit whether you receive a service or not! There’s a way for everyone to help to support fighting hunger in our community!

Springs Rescue Mission -an organization that you have partnered with and have been supporting for over 12 years! We have delivered over one thousand pounds of food and over three thousand dollars.



Applying For FAFSA Made Easy!

Your Quick Steps FASFA Guide For Applying To Beauty Schools With Financial Aid.

The application process for financial aid can be exciting, intimidating and confusing all at the same time. That’s why we have created an informational financial aid guide for beauty schools that demystifies what financial aid is, who qualifies, student aid types & options, when, and how to get started. You will find informational videos and links to important sites that are core to your qualification process and success.

WHAT IS FINANCIAL AID? Financial aid is money to help pay for postsecondary education or career school. Aid can come from the U.S. Federal Government, the state you live in, the school you want to attend or private organizations. The office of Federal Student Aid provides more than $150 billion in grants, loans, and work-study funds to qualified students who need help paying for school. Financial Student Aid might be your best option.

WHO CAN APPLY? No matter your age, race, even if your parents are undocumented immigrants, you can and should apply for financial aid by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA).

WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF FINANCIAL AID I CAN APPLY FOR? There are many federal financial aid types and options to consider:

  • Grants:¬†Grants are often¬†need-based.¬†If you qualify, you typically won’t have to repay the money but there are certain scenarios that may require that a portion or all of the¬†grant¬†funds be repaid(example, if you withdraw from school before finishing an enrollment period such as a semester). You may still need additional help.¬†Learn more about grant types.
  • Work-study¬†job:¬†another great option to help pay for school if you qualify. Undergraduates qualify to earn minimum wage. You won’t have to pay this back.
  • Student Loans:¬†While student loans help cover the cost of college tuition and fees, it also can be used to pay for room and board, books, and supplies. After all, ¬†grants, work-study job or scholarships can be a huge help but these forms of aid may not help cover the full cost of school. Getting a loan is a big decision, you will be required to repay these once you are out of school.¬†Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding how much to borrow:
    • Don’t Settle – Make sure the school is the right fit for you both educationally and financially.
    • Location – the amount of money you need can be dependent on where your school is located. In-state schools require less funding.
    • Future income¬†– Student loan payments should only be a small portion of your future salary. The amount of your loan will affect your future finances.

WHAT IS ACCREDITATION? In order to receive federal student aid, the institution that you are applying to has to be an accredited school. Accreditation is important because it is a measure of whether a career school or college either meets or exceeds the standards of quality. One of the first steps a student should take is to verify if the school is recognized by a certified accrediting agency. Some of the benefits for you are:

  • Students¬†must¬†attend an accredited institution to apply for federal grants or loans.
  • Helps employers determine whether a graduate is qualified. It is important for employers to know if applicants received a degree or certification from accredited schools or programs.
  • Assists institutions in determining if credits are transferable in the event you need to transfer to another school.

AREN’T ALL BEAUTY SCHOOLS ACCREDITED?¬†No. Accreditation is a voluntary step an institution chooses to take or not. Not all educational institutions want to endure¬†the rigorous self and independent evaluation of the quality of the education they produce.

HOW SOON CAN I START APPLYING FOR FAFSA?  Once you establish your FSA ID, you can apply for financial aid at any time. It takes about 30 minutes to apply and you will be able to know your status right away. Matter of fact, you can begin applying even if you have not filled out a TSPA apply now or scholarship forms for our academy. The FAFSA application process is pretty simple. We have outlined key links for application pages, videos that show how-tos and other important information about the application process.

WATCH VIDEO: Overview of the Financial Aid Process

Are you ready to get started?

Our guide will make your application for student aid easier. We have included quick overviews of some of the processes and video links that complement the information provided in this guide.


CREATE YOUR FSA ID¬†–¬†your electronic passport to federal student aid

WHEN? Get an FSA ID as soon as possible. Before you fill out your FAFSA application, you will be required to enter an FSA ID. This is your first step to begin the financial aid process. Create your FSA ID here with step by step instructions. If it is determined that you are a dependent, share this quick video link with your parents to help them understand the process and participation required from them.

WHY? This is your first step in being able to apply for student financial aid. An FSA ID establishes your username and password and is your electronic passport to federal student aid online that lets you access US department of education websites: or to start your application.

WHO?¬†You and your parent(s), if you’re a dependent student, MUST set up¬†your¬†FSA ID.¬† If you are unsure whether you’ll need to provide parental information on the form? How do you find out your dependency status? You will be asked numerous question to determine if you are a dependent or independent student. This is important because:

  • If you are a dependent, then you will need to include your parent’s financial information on your FASFA(Free Application for Student Federal Aid). This means your¬†parent’s financial information will be considered along with your information to determine eligibility for federal student aid.
  • ¬†Independents generally are qualified by the following statuses: a graduate student, on active duty military member, Veteran, Married or 24 or older, you are most likely an independent.
  • There are special circumstances like living with your grandparents and so forth and your FASFA form will provide you feedback on your dependency status.

WATCH VIDEO: FAFSA: Determining Your Dependency Status

WHAT information will you need to get started?

  • Social¬†Security number – You¬†must¬†have one in order to get an FSA ID.
  • ID or Drivers License
  • W2 form(s) or tax returns from the previous earning year.
  • Be prepared to answer 3 groups of questions:
    • Personal – name address &¬†marital status
    • Financial – income
    • Parental – if applicable or required

WATCH VIDEO:  How to create your FSA ID


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) allows students to apply for more than $150 billion in grants, loans, and work-study funds. Watch the video below for info about the FAFSA and the resources available to help fill out this important application. Remember, the FAFSA is a FREE application for  federal student aid. You never have to pay for applying!


WATCH VIDEO:  Start the FAFSA Application

Information you will need to get started:

  • ¬†FSA ID
  • The school code for TSPA Colorado Springs #041738
  • Be prepared to answer 3 groups of questions:
    • Personal – name address &¬†marital status
    • Financial – income
    • Parental – if applicable or required

I FILLED OUT MY FAFSA NOW WHAT?¬†The great thing about filling out the FAFSA online is that you can check it’s processing status a few days later. You will¬†be provided a Student Aid Report (SAR) which is a summary of all the information you provided on the FAFSA. Once you have filled out the FAFSA form for student aid, you will receive an award letter from our financial aid officer and from each school, you listed on your FASFA application. This letter will explain the federal and non-federal financial aid that a school is¬†offering you. You will be sent an award letter from our financial aid officer and if you have any questions about it, contact us immediately.

WATCH VIDEO: After the FAFSA: What Happens Next

The goal of The Salon Professional Academy Financial Aid office is to assist students in attaining the necessary funds to attend our institution. Students may apply for a variety of federal, state, and institutional grants and scholarships by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as mentioned above. More instructions and scholarship opportunities can be found throughout our website, but students with questions are encouraged to contact our office at or 719-685-7691.

Using Your G.I. Bill & MyCAA For Beauty Careers

TSPA Colorado Springs is Accepting Applications For 9/11 GI Bill & ALL GI Bill Recipients

TSPA Colorado Springs honors ALL GI Bill Benefits and military spouse careers advancement account recipients (MyCAA)

GI Bill & Post / 911 GI Bill colorado SpringsThe Salon Professional Academy couldn’t be more proud to have you as a student or to help you learn more about your GI Bill and your beautiful career. Whether you are considering a career in cosmetology,¬†esthetics, or barbering our admissions and financial aid team can help you prepare for your beauty program. The process is pretty simple, all you have to do is reach out to us, schedule a visit to come see your new campus and social network, meet our warm admissions team and then we help guide and support you through the enrollment process as soon as you are ready – all you have to do is pick a start date! We help our students prepare for careers in salons, spas, runway, video or fashion. You could be eligible to compete in the TSPA national student competitions and more. The sky is the limit on how far you want to take yourself in the cosmetology,¬†barbering or esthetics world! Thank you for your service to our country! It is time to let us help and support you. We have a great relationship with the local VA vocational and educational team, that can help you with any of your GI Bill Benefits – either for yourself or your dependents!

Being a Military spouse is full of challenges. Help is available for those who wish to pursue an education. The MyCAA program assists military spouses to help start you on the path towards a new exciting career.

For additional information, eligibility criteria, instructions on how to apply for the Post 9/11 GI Bill, visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website at or call our Office of Financial Aid at 719-685-7691 or email to schedule an appointment to get all your questions answered-don’t delay your passion any longer!