Fall Into Color


Autumn is our favorite time of the year.  Changing leaves, the sounds of football, pumpkin spice lattes, and the beautiful reds, deep espresso and rich golds that go with updating your fall hair color and makeup palette.

The latest trends are going back to nature. Capitalize on what you were born with.  Turn back the clock to days of warm chestnut brown, golden blondes with highlights, deep rich reds and Tahitian auburns.  Choose a makeup palette to compliment your skin tone, experiment with mattes and shimmers.  The best thing about today’s trends is “express who you are”.  Be creative, imaginative and daring. Maximize the wonderful colors of fall.

Is Now The Right Time To Go To School?


I say YES!  Anytime is the right time to get an education.    We all have dreams and hopes for the future.

Enrolling in continuing education is the key to success in any career. Now is the perfect time.  If you don’t do it now, then you risk putting it off again, and again.  Life will always be a factor.  Don’t let the kids, finances, your job, being too old or too young stop you from pursuing your dreams.  Follow your passion and turn it into your career or “dream Job”.


Should I do a career college or go to a four year university?  The current work force available to fill skilled trades has been in decline for the past several years.  There are more jobs available than there are people to do the work.  Manufacturing, electrical, plumbers, aviation, cosmetology, barbering, and transportation are just a few of the skilled labor positions that are struggling to find enough skilled, educated workers.  Many times the rate of pay for these positions is well above average and often higher than those who have a four year degree.


The Salon Professional Academy is a career college geared to the beauty service industry.  TSPA Colorado Springs offers full time and part time courses in Cosmetology, Nail technology , Esthetics and Barbering.  TSPA will fully equip you with the necessary skills and education to complete the course and take the Colorado State Licensure Exam.  Now is the time to enroll.  Follow your passion. Follow your dreams.  Create a solid career that will withstand any economic surplus or recession.


In short, there are two to three salon/spas on every corner of most main streets in America. There is huge shortage of licensed professionals.  Help meet the demand of today’s beauty service industry.